Children are needing extra resilience and determination to navigate through these times; their identity, worth and significance are being constantly challenged by performance ‘measuring rods’ in social media, popular culture, education, or with political agendas. 
The Royal Warrior products were created to be a Royal Identity and Value declaration to all children across the earth, so that no matter how they perform or are measured by others, they will always be reminded of their true and unchanging, unconditional, worth and identity. It is extremely important for children to know that they are Greatly Loved by God and that their mistakes do not define them. To know that they are perfectly imperfect and that they do not need to bow to the idol of perfection or constantly fear shame. To know how to walk in freedom from sin, in complete victory through the emotional and spiritual battles that rage around them, and how to bring Heaven to earth.
Our hope and intention is that our products will remind children of God’s ever present help in times of trouble, of His Strength in their weakness, and of their powerful weapons and spiritual armour that they need to use to keep winning.